Patients with chronic conditions require specialized care that addresses immediate symptoms and provides necessary education in order to maintain a fuller lifestyle. Our disease management programs are designed to do both. Utilizing best clinical practices and standardized teaching materials, we can ensure positive outcomes, prevent acute care hospitalizations and improve our patients’ quality of life.

Wound Care

Patients with complex wound care needs are visited by a highly experienced clinician working collaboratively with the patient’s physician. Clinicians support patients by identifying and describing effective wound care protocol that adheres to best clinical practices.

Post-Surgical Care

Cared for by highly experienced clinicians, post-op patients regain their functional independence in the comfort of their own home and are continuously assessed for any complications with the goal of early intervention if necessary.

Heart Failure

Focused on education and self-management, patients are encouraged to practice weight monitoring, eat a heart healthy diet, comply with their medication requirements, maintain fluid balance, and follow a cardiovascular exercise regimen.

Pain Management

Understanding how to manage chronic pain dramatically increases a patient’s quality of life. Patients learn to meet a rest/activity balance, implement various non-drug treatments, adhere to their medications, and follow an exercise regimen.


In accordance with standards established by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), patients are taught basic survival skills and self-management techniques.

Fall Prevention

Comprehension of factors that can lead to a fall, including lack of physical activity, hazards around the home and other areas where they may be at risk, can help prevent falls in the future. Patients increase mobility and their quality of life through physical therapy and continued education.


Designed to help improve the quality of life for patients by teaching them early intervention skills and ways to manage their condition.